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The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC is your Personal Injury Attorney in Hidalgo County

Injured at the hands of another? The law gives you the right to recover compensation for your damages. Personal injury claims differ based on the type of accident as well as on the type of injuries.

Even minor injuries can lead to a case if you incurred any medical bills or other losses as a result. We will ensure that an insurance company does not try to take advantage of you by offering inadequate payment.

The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC can take the stress of the legal process off of you

We will allow you to focus on your physical recovery. Oftentimes, we are able to increase the amount of money you are actually entitled to receiving. The requirements for bringing a legal claim can vary depending on the liable parties in your accident.

In any case, however, accident victims have the right to seek compensation for their medical bills, costs related to treatment, lost wages (including present, past, and future wages), pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and more.

The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC will fight for you

Let us be your voice to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. We will help you determine if you may have a claim against a third party for your injuries and be there to answer your questions.

If you were injured and feel that another person, company, or other entity was at fault, please call us right now to learn about your legal rights.

The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC will determine the best course of action

No matter the type of accident, we can examine your situation and determine the best course of action for you to recover the compensation you deserve.

The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC handles injury claims involving many types of accidents, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability

The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC will protect your rights as an Accident Victim

Accidents can happen for many reasons and at any time and place. In many situations, an accident is caused by other parties acting in negligent or careless ways. We will assist you in holding a negligent person or company liable for all of the losses stemming from the resulting injuries.

The first step in evaluating a personal injury case is to determine who you may hold accountable for your accident. This can involve technical investigations and complex legal principles, so you want a qualified personal injury lawyer handling your case from the start.

Call us at The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC without delay

As the medical bills pile up, you may feel concerned about your rights to compensation, but you may not know where to begin or may not have the energy to pursue a possible claim. Texas has deadlines for these cases, however, so you should never wait to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. Remember—you pay us nothing up front when we take your case, and you pay us nothing unless and until we’ve won your recovery.

To schedule a free case evaluation with The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, call us today at (956) 290-8911, or click here to send us a question.

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