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Bond Reductions

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When a person is arrested for a crime in the state of Texas, they are often held in custody until they are released on their own recognizance or until they are able to post bail, either with their own funds or by enlisting the services of a bail bondsman. Unfortunately, many are shocked to be hit with an exorbitantly high bail amount and are forced to stay in jail until their trial. In certain cases, however, individuals may be able to petition with the courts for a reduction of their bond amount with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and is currently being held on a high bail amount, our McAllen criminal defense lawyer at The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm can help. Having fought to protect the rights of the accused throughout the Rio Grande Valley for several years, our firm understands the criminal justice system and the strategies necessary to help you pay as little as possible and get out of jail quickly.

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How Can I Get My Bail Reduced?

In simple terms, bail is a monetary promise paid by a criminal defendant that ensures they will return to court to face their charges in exchange for their release from custody. If a defendant should fail to appear in court or flee, the full amount of the bond is forfeited and a warrant is issued for their arrest.

The amount of bail is typically set based on the following factors:

  • The severity of the alleged crime
  • The defendant’s flight risk
  • The defendant’s risk to the community

Individuals are protected against being subjected to “excessive bail” under the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Likewise, under the Bail Reform Act, defendants have a right to request a hearing for a lower bail when the original amount is too high for the defendant to pay. While reductions are not easily obtained, a defendant can greatly improve their chances of success by retaining the assistance of a powerful attorney. Our team is prepared to explore all available options and arguments in pursuit of a lowered bond amount. From filing a motion for a bail reduction hearing to presenting evidence convincing the court of your promise to return to court, we have what it takes to maximize your chances of success.

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Being accused of a crime can be one of the most frightening experiences of a person’s life, especially if they are required to spend an excessive amount of time in captivity prior to their trial. At The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, we understand your fears and are prepared to make every available effort to secure your release and ensure you receive a fair trial. We truly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, and we are dedicated to doing everything within our power in pursuit of a reduction or dismissal of your charges. From misdemeanors to felonies, we are equipped to represent the accused in a wide range of criminal cases.

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