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  • New Bill Proposal Might Change the Way DWIs are Reported by Police

    A Memphis congressman is spearheading a new bill that will change the way police across the United States report arrest for DWI . On March 8, Congressmen Steve Cohen (D-TN) and Steve Chabot (R-OH) introduced the DWI Reporting Act. Their bill claims to “address the loophole in our nation's drunken-driving laws that enables repeat DWI offenders to be charged and tried as first-time offenders because ...
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  • Deadly Synthetic Recipe Raises Concerns for Texas Communities

    More and more families are being impacted by deadly synthetic drugs . Insect killer, rat poison and stove cleaner are just some of the ingredients added to synthetic marijuana, sometimes called “potpourri.” These ingredients are far from natural. They are chemically destructive and are costing people their lives. Although it might look like the real thing, no actual marijuana is present in these ...
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  • NEW DAWN: Exciting NEW 2nd chance DWI LAW.

    Typically, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious charge. First -time offenders could face a fine of up to $2,000, a license suspension anywhere from 90 to 365 days, and/ or a jail sentence of 72 hours to 180 days. More importantly a plea of guilty to a Class B DWI has been a charge that cannot be removed from a person’s criminal history. Luckily relief has arrived in the form of a new law ...
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  • Attorney Chris Cavazos Negotiates Plea Bargain in Fatal Hit & Run Case

    McAllen Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher Cavazos of The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm, PLLC recently negotiated a seemingly impossible plea bargain on behalf of a client accused of a fatal hit and run that resulted in the death of a 5-year-old girl in 2015. According to police records, the young girl was in the backseat traveling with her mother and grandmother northbound on Val Verde Road ...
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