Deadly Synthetic Recipe Raises Concerns for Texas Communities

More and more families are being impacted by deadly synthetic drugs. Insect killer, rat poison and stove cleaner are just some of the ingredients added to synthetic marijuana, sometimes called “potpourri.” These ingredients are far from natural. They are chemically destructive and are costing people their lives.

Although it might look like the real thing, no actual marijuana is present in these synthetic substances. The word "marijuana" is simply used to convey the perception that the synthetic substance has the same effect as the plant.In fact, packaging for the ingredients used to make synthetic marijuana feature Disney and Pokémon characters to make the drug seem harmless.

However, memory loss, kidney failure, hallucinations and paranoia are just a few of the symptoms that can be experienced after using synthetic marijuana.

Unfortunately, Palmview police say they’re seeing more synthetic substances out on the streets. Speaking on the topic, attorney Chris Cavazos said,

“Personally, I have about five to 10 cases, it varies. Some months it’s more, some months it’s less. It depends.”

The abundance of synthetic marijuana has also produced a backlog in the court system

“It could put pressure on the courts because they’re trying to handle so many cases and these cases sometimes sit on the docket because we’re waiting on the test results to find out what that substance is,” said Attorney Cavazos.

Attorney Cavazos says the drug also might lead to other offenses.Aggravated robberies and sexual assaults are just a few of the crimes that people commit while on synthetic substances.

“The drugs are so potent that people kind of almost lose their minds and they will commit crimes they might not have otherwise done.”

However, the statute of limitations doesn’t allow for prosecution after a certain amount of time in these cases. Attorney Cavazos says,

“If the state doesn’t file charges within those last two years, they can be dismissed.” He also explained that the drug can be hard to detect...The problem is those tests don’t test for synthetic so somebody can be smoking synthetic the night before, show up to court and maybe take one of those tests and come out clean.”

The money for drug tests, arrests and treatments all come from taxpayer dollars. The Texas Department of Public Safety State Drug Lab currently has a backlog of drug tests to get through. Unfortunately, some users might not ever get prosecuted.

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